Dead Tree Photos

   These photos are in chronological order (as near as I can tell) and show the changes to the station as time went by. This station, like Ikeda, has few photographs.

 1910-11 Staff

Officer in Charge: W. Howard
2nd Operator (None)
3rd Operator (None)
024   "Dead Tree Point BC March 1912-May 1913."  "Photo taken by Ed Ashton."
Photo from 1912.

Harris Collection
171 Dwelling, possibly at Dead Tree Point, QCI. Looks like a BCMills prefab building.

Bowerman Collection
70 "Dead Tree Point, QCI. My first outside station. March 1912.  Pictures taken fall 1948 on the way to Massett."

   In 1948 Lofty was roaming B.C. installing air navigation aids, such as radio ranges.  A radio range was eventually installed at Sandspit. Of the four navigation beams from the radio range, one went south to Port Hardy Airport and another went east to Prince Rupert Airport. The north beam went to Alaska (Ketchican) and the west one went westerly to nowhere in particular.  Pilot could use a 'normal' radio and would hear a continuous tone if he was on the beam, which would change to a Morse letter A one side of the beam, and a letter N on the other.

Harris Collection
71  "Dead Tree 1948. Herb Holt on step."

Harris Collection
1  Dead Tree Point, 1940's. Operator's dwelling. The site was directly north across the inlet from present day Sandspit Airport. Station operations building is off to the left.

Osborne Collection
9  Side view of Dead Tree operations building in the 1940's.

Osborne Collection
34  Early 1940's view of the operating position.

Osborne Collection
Dead Tree in the 1940/50 period. Jim Vint on the right.

Vint Family Album.


 1958 station is closed and operation transferred to Sandspit airport.