Perhaps the start of magnetometer surveying?

Victoria Times Newspaper

   The Victoria Times newspaper recorded significant events regarding the wireless system along the coast. I've typed up the paper's items and put them into Adobe's PDF format for easier reading. These news items have been compiled and are available here.

May 14--C.P.R. vessels adopting Marconi Wireless on the west coast of Canada.
June 22--West coast wireless site selection voyage underway.
June 28--Wireless to be installed along the coast at once.
July 2--Wireless being fitted on the steam ship 'Camosun'.
July 4--Station construction to be expedited.
July 5--Cape Lazo site inspection.
July 8--Proposed site at Cape Lazo is now confirmed location.
July 10--Response from Canadian Government concerning Marconi Company's monopoly.
July 11--Point Grey site selected.
July 12--Vessel sails with Cape Lazo's material.
July 18--Victoria's site purchased & 'Wireless War' between Marconi Company and Dominion officials.
July 19--Vessel sails to Estevan Point with construction material for lighthouse and wireless.
July 22--Site inspection up the coast.
July 23--Point Grey site purchased.
July 26--Installation work rushing ahead.
Aug 12--Marconi Company launches suit and a comment from British government.
Sept 24--Installation work well underway.
Oct 17--Marconi wireless spanning the Atlantic is open for business.
Nov 15--Victoria Wireless getting finishing touches, other sites well under way.
Nov 29--Victoria Wireless in communication with the USN 'Nebraska'.
Dec 14--All five stations to be operational in January 1908.
Dec 28--Victoria (Gonzales) and Pachena Wireless stations in contact.
Dec 30--Victoria in contact with a vessel off Cape Mudge--first northern contact.

Jan 07--Cecil Doutre reviews the Work of the Past Year.
Jan 08--SS Salvor now fitted with a wireless.
Jan 08--Voice now being transmitted in Europe.
Mar 09--Proposed communications into the Queen Charlottes.
Mar 25--Pacific Wireless plans installations along the coast.

June 8--Material being loaded for the Estevan and Triangle stations.
June 24--Halkett's eye accident.
May 08--Inspection of Triangle Island as a possible lighthouse & wireless station.
May 31--Canadian Pacific Empress vessels being fitted with wireless.
July 29--Improvements slated for Victoria and Pachena.
July 30--1908 wireless traffic numbers for all Canadian stations.
Aug 4--Alaska to be tied in to Canadian chain.
Aug 9--Superintendent Edwards forges ahead with new stations.
Oct 8--2kWatt transmitting equipment has been received.
Oct 9--Ikeda wireless site selection completed.
Oct 23--Ikeda construction proceeding.

Jan 4--C.P.Edwards doing a survey for Prince Rupert wireless site.
Jan 20--Quadra loading house material for Triangle Island.
May--Lee De Forest visits town to demonstrate voice over the radio. Local Dominion wireless office checking Portland Canal for suitable sites to extend coastal coverage.
July 28--The long arm of the law reaches out via wireless to get Dr. Crippen. First use of wireless to catch a murder suspect. Crippen fled London for North America--Read it here.
Sept.--Triangle photos and article. Triangle communicates with Honolulu.

Jan. 11--Gonzales site moving.

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