Jack Bowerman's Photo Album

076   Pachena Point loading area. Lighthouse tender's workboat is being hoisted on the wire line. Many of the stations were located on cliffs so the only convenient method of getting materials and supplies up to the station was via an overhead hoist traveling on a wire line. The hoist traveler (type still in use) is a clever device allowing the hook to drop at the proper point on the line.
077   Pachena Point loading area with tender's workboat and crew.
078   Pachena Point landing area.

079   Operator's home made post card of the Estevan Point crew dated May 1913. Sent by someone with the initial G. (for Gray?). Card is addressed to the Wireless Station at Triangle Island. I've stuck the reverse of the card (085) along the bottom. Operator Tommy Raine and his 8 year old daughter Doris on the right. Years later Doris married George Gilbert. Jack Bowerman had recently left Estevan and gone onto Triangle IslandAndy L. Gray in the middle and his hand writing on the card. 

080   Rear of post card 082. "One of the reasons why VAH is difficult to staff these days" "This is not by your camera, its a Kodak & not in focus" "Jack" VAH was the call sign of Dead Tree Point in the Queen Charlottes. The station was commissioned in 1912.


081 Intentionally blank.

082   Group of women and one man at Dead Tree Point call sign VAH. The gent looks suspiciously like Jack Berry. Jack went to Dead Tree sometime after his stint at Triangle ended in 1913. Jack was married with two sons and a daughter, so the lad may be one of his sons. The call sign VAH was issued to the station in 1913.


083  Intentionally blank.


084  Intentionally blank.

085  Reverse side of photo 79.

086   Wedding photo. The chap in the middle without a hat appears to be operator Tommy Raine and his daughter Doris is sitting in the front. He and his daughter appear in several photos throughout this site.
087   087 & 088 are a pair. Workboat unloading supplies at Hesquiat. Note truck has missing left front fender and a spot light mounted on roof. This enabled driver to navigate the plank road to the station in the dark. See similar photo in "Keepers of the Light" pg 229 by Don Graham, Harbour Publishing.
088   Federal Government's lighthouse tender 'Estevan/VDN' off Hesquiat. Built in Collingwood Ontario in 1912 and was decommissioned in 1971. Triple expansion steam engines.

089   Group on a porch somewhere. Looks like a B.C. Mills prefabricated house so it may be on one of the stations.

090   Entrance to Bull Harbour operations building in late 1940's. On the left is the station OIC Gord Gilliland, middle is a visiting radio technician Sid Woods and the person on the right is unknown.
091   This shows, most likely, the tramway down to the Digby Wireless Station's dock. Coastal steamer in the distance. Jack Bowerman was at this station 1914-16.
092   Canadian Marconi 1000 watt amplitude modulated broadcast transmitter. Sales brochure photo from the looks of it.
093   Photo of Canadian Prime Minister Mackenzie King making the first Canadian coast to coast broadcast from outside the Parliament buildings, Ottawa.
094   C. P. Edwards (appointed Controller for the Government Radio Service in 1909) is on right. I've read the original document outlining the method of making all the connections across Canada and monitoring the connections. I'm thinking this photo shows the control point for coordinating coast to coast connections for Mackenzie King's address. Look at the number of candle stick phones, all labeled.
095   Margaret Bay salmon cannery in Smith Sound, British Columbia. It had a radiophone installation. Jack may have been taken the photo enroute to a northern station posting or on an inspection trip.   N51 20' 00" W127 29' 00"


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