Jack Bowerman's Photo Album

376   Radio Equipment. Name plate above wheel says "Closed Circuit Inductance". The rest is illegible. Motor sitting on top of left hand rack drives a push rod which varies something in each rack, and rack(s) to the left. There is a solenoid operated switch mounted on the wall. It appears to switch the one antenna (one wall feed through) between equipment in the room.

   Professional photo so may have been from a sales brochure. Oddly there are some similarities between this photo and #360--the ceiling lamp, insulators and the circular equipment handle.

377   Radio Room at the Anyox Mine in British Columbia. Station opened in 1915. Jack Macdonald, pictured, was in charge of the station for the 19 years it was in operation. This station was the only link with the outside world, except for mail via a supply steamer.  Spark transmitter controls on left wall. This same photo appears in the BC Archives site as Call Number I-55500, but is misidentified.

   Located at N55.416 W129.816 in Observatory Inlet.

378   It just says "battery room" on the back. But it looks more like a spark transmitter high tension room. Not a synchronous spark transmitter though, as the rotary gap isn't connected directly to the generator.

379   Big engine room someplace. Notice the big fly wheel is spinning (no spokes visible). Bowerman's flimsies say 'power house & BI (Smithers?)'. Could be Basil Irvine on the left. Engine is three cylinder job. Big lathe front and centre.

380   Inspection trip. Could be up around Hazelton.

381   Plane prang. Note the survivors on Vickers aircraft's hull.

382   Results of plane prang.

383   Photo of aircraft before accident. Hull number is 108. Note that rowboat is the same in photo 382. The Vickers aircraft where quite popular in the Canadian Air Force around this time.

384   More plane prang. Actually there are two separate crashes photographed on this page as two different hull numbers in evidence: Canadian Air Force 108 & 115.

385   Hoisting aircraft #115 up. Mr. G.Williams supplies this information:

--Aircraft 108 (s/n CV100) was brought on strength August 20, 1930 and was written off August 7, 1935.

--Aircraft 115 (s/n CV152) was brought on strength January 17, 1929, crashed June 17, 1930 and written off 26 Aug. 1930.

See also photos 391 & 392 below.

386   Basil Irvine, Radio Inspector on the left. Unknown lady on the right.

387   Hull on the beach someplace.

388   Inspection tour up in Chilcotin area. Backseat is full of boxes--gear or luggage.

389   This flimsy is in Bowerman's handwriting, very small penmanship. It contains notes for the photos within a particular album. Just which of his albums it referenced is an unanswered question.

390   Other side of 389.

391   Plane prang. Aircraft under tow.

392   Canadian Air Force aircraft 115 in an awkward position. The aircraft has been modified to be amphibious with the addition of some crank down front landing gear. Note the crescent shaped guides for the wheel assembly.

393   Taken during one of Bowerman's inspection trips into BC's interior. This was taken at 70 Mile House Hotel. The old road up the center of the British Columbia interior measured the distance north from Lytton. The person standing next to the car appears to be Bowerman, although the vehicle itself doesn't appear to be his since it doesn't have a direction finding loop on the roof.

394   Point Grey station housing. On Westbrook Crescent at U.B.C and is the second location for the station. Note Vancouver School of Theology tower in background.

395   Point Grey Station operations building.

396   Unknown. Chaps on the left of the tree stump have military caps on. Land is pretty flat. Could be from Bowerman's time at Morely, Alberta, where he spent time researching ways of fitting radio equipment into aircraft. Large handsaw is lying across stump.

397   Small station someplace. Transmitter contains vacuum tubes so time frame is sometime after 1920. On the table, at the extreme right of the photo, is a bit of a receiver cabinet. (During the years 1923 to 1926 a radio station was built at Lennard Island Light Station-just outside of Tofino. An operator by the name of Carver operated the station.)

398   Album plate--applicable photos edited off and appear elsewhere on site.

399   Point Grey (Vancouver) wireless station antenna farm view.

400   Point Grey wireless station.