Lofty spent a couple of years at isolated Ikeda.

Harris Photos 26 to 50

   26   Album page--Digby view and Alert Bay dwelling.

   27   1914 photo of the staff housing at Alert Bay. Lofty is standing out front. I've seen the curious porch railing in either the Bowerman or Aitkens photos.

   28   Triangle Island light and wireless station. 1914-15 shot of the tramway path up to the station at the top of the hill.

   29   Desolate spot to have a station. It lasted less than 10 years as the light was too high to be useful in stormy low overcast conditions. The wireless station also became unnecessary due to the advancements in radio technology which gave other stations greater communication range.

   30   Some more photos of the Triangle Island area. Clipped note regarding a birding expedition. Photos are have been cropped and placed elsewhere due to poor quality.

   31   July 1915. Some of the Triangle wireless staff see two of their comrades off on the boat to Digby Wireless. Dawson, Edmunds, Dawe, Harris, and Roche are off the rock.

   32   Keeper Watkins holding a shotgun near the top of the Triangle Island tramway. Shows the steep track angle.

   33   1917 northerly view of Estevan Point from the top of the tower. The house may be the wireless operator's dwelling.

   34   Album page shown for context. Photos edited off.

   35   Estevan Point station in the 1918's. Wireless operations building in the foreground. Light tower is all but painted--the top 10 feet left to be finished, somehow.

   36   Estevan Wireless 1918. Lofty in Naval uniform.

   37   Estevan 1918 album page.

   38   Triangle Island album page.

   39   February 1918 photo of Lofty at the operating position of Estevan Wireless. The lads at all the stations were 'drafted' into the armed forces for the duration--thus his uniform.

   40   Album page of photos taken at Ikeda, c.1915

   41   SS Prince John entering Ikeda Bay, Queen Charlotte Islands. This was the location of a copper mine and, a couple of miles away to the north east, the wireless station.

   42   The ill fated CGS 'Galiano'. Photo taken from Ikeda Wireless.

   43   Lofty 1918 album plate.

   44   Lofty at Ikeda Wireless, June 1918.

   45   Lofty suspended on the overhead tramway at Ikeda Wireless, June 1918. This hoist would run out on the cable Lofty is sitting on then the hook would drop into the supply boat below and scoop up the supplies.

   46   Album page showing context. Photos below.

   47   Wireless operator Jack Berry in front of Native house at Alert Bay, BC 1914.

   48   Album page of three Triangle Island 1914 photos. Shown for context.

   49   Top of the Triangle Island tramway, September 1914. Operators Doug Ward and Ralph Hawkeswood bracket light keeper Tom Watkins. Load of supplies in the tramway cart should last for a man for a year, assuming he can augment with some local fishing.

   50   Operators quarters on Triangle Island c.1914. Buttressed against the wind. The winds at times were so fierce they threatened to blow the houses off their foundations.

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