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26   Staff at Alert Bay Radio Station around 1929. Chief operator Kelk is not present. Left to right: C.W. Tommy Thomas, Basil Robson, Carl Ward, James Kitchin.

   Ward went to Bull Harbour  from Alert Bay. Thomas was transferred to the Workshop in Esquimalt. Robson was transferred to the C.G.S Newington. Kitchin remained at Alert Bay. (1930) 

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28   Wireless station premises, dwellings not shown. Part of the counter-poise and the newest mast can be seen. Picture by Robson.

   [A counter-poise is a wire mesh usually suspended a foot or so off the ground under the antennas. The counter-poise is used in areas where the soil doesn't provide the conductivity necessary for a decent electrical ground (such as all rock) or is variable (water table).

29   Summer view of the residence and headquarters of "Tommy" Thomas.

30   Winter view of official residence and headquarters of "Tommy" Thomas during his sojourn on staff of radio VAF. JE Kitchin and Thomas occupied the shack jointly the winter of 1927-28.

   [From the look of the snow on the roof it must have been well insulated, or else pretty cold inside.]

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32   Panorama of the settlement of the Bay, taken in 1927.

33   Looking down the right of way from the wireless station to the sea. Direction about NW. The body of water in front is Alert Bay, and extending from it is Johnstone Straights. The land to the left background is part of Vancouver Island. Picture taken from top of the water tower.

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36   Taken with a folding Hawkeye, with 15 seconds time. Shows some of Tommy Thomas' radio gear, including a wavemaster, short wave set, Tropadyne super, and 3 foot cone loudspeaker.

37   Residence of J.E. Kitchin at Alert Bay with him seated on the doorstep.

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039   Intentionally blank

40   Interior of the United Church, Alert Bay. Rev. S.V. Redman, minister, N.G. Miller, organist, Mrs. A. Thorpe, caretaker, and so forth. Yes, and we might mention that J. MacFadzean was an usher. While taking music lessons, I practiced on this instrument.

41   View of the Indian Cemetery at Alert Bay. This picture shows the "Thunderbird" as conquering the "Whale" and is an expression of the mythical lore connected with the people.

42   The Western Canada Airways craft “Penguin”, piloted by Major MacLaren, tied up at the cannery flats. This craft was engaged in fishery patrol duty, under guardian Harry Douglas. Taken 1929.


See this link for more information on Western Canada Airways and a photo of a sister Boeing aircraft.

43   "The Princess Louise" on the summer tourist run, pulling out from Alert Bay, northbound. Picture by Jean Dickson (friend of Gene Thomas).



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