RMS Tahiti: distance record of 5,500 miles with Estevan.

Room 19 Radio School

   Many of the operators from the mid 1920's onwards received their marine operating certificates at this Vancouver school. Some photos and memories from attendees here.

Newspaper Clippings

   Jack Bowerman kept a yellowed scrap book of newspaper clippings and the like, all related to his wireless job or of his friends in the field. I've also added one clipping from Chas Aitkens material--#22. Peruse them here.

Early Equipment Manufacturing Standard

   In 1917 the Institute of Radio Engineers propose a specification for manufacturing wireless equipment. Have a look here.

1937 $2 Radio Kit

   Enthusiasts could order a kit of parts and build a simple receiver for a small amount of cash.

Wireless in the Local Papers

   The two Victoria, British Columbia, newspapers kept readers abreast of wireless developments. There was much interest in this new technology, especially the ability to provide almost instant communication to passengers and vessels, and to isolated settlements along the coast. Read what I've found by selecting either The Victoria Times or the Daily Colonist.

Dr. Crippen

   In the summer of 1910 newspaper readers were enthralled following the story of Dr. H.Crippen, accused wife murderer fleeing England with his girlfriend, bound for Quebec. Wireless played a crucial part. Join the chase here.

Domestic Radio

   By the early 1920's a few commercial radio stations appeared and companies began meeting the demand for home receivers. An example of a top of the line "do it yourself" radio is here.

Test Equpment

   A couple of items from the 1930's. A Simpson Vacuum Tube tester and a DayRad Radio Tester here.

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