The Institute of Radio Engineers (now the IEEE) heard a paper proposing a shipboard wireless specification. This comprehensive document specifies the bare minimum.

   Marriott was one of the early American wireless pioneers.
  A paper by Robert H. Marriott printed in the June 1914 edition of the “Proceedings of the Institute of Radio Engineers”.


   1. The purpose of this specification is to obtain steamship radio equipment, with which ample, correct, and prompt radio service may be maintained, under normal and distress conditions, with provisions for emergency-lighting power.

   2. Bids are to include detailed specifications (in English), photographs, drawings, diagrams, delivery and price. It is desired that the bids be received at this office prior to ………  Bids received after that date may or may not be considered.

   3. Simplicity and good workmanship, without expensive construction or ornamentation, are desired.  (This is an effective method of keeping down cost.)

  4. All work to be done to drawings, templates, jigs and gauges, in order that strict interchangeability be insured for all parts, both fixed and moving.

   5. All parts to be exposed to view, simple, compact, and accessible, so far as practicable.  (I find the practice of hiding cheap and inefficient parts in handsome and expensive cases is somewhat general, and should be discouraged.)

   6. Apparatus to retain its efficiency, power and appearance, with minimum cleaning, under the atmospheric conditions between the latitudes 45 North and 45 South during all seasons of the year.

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