Hugh Martin was a 1940 graduate of Room 19. He went on to do a stint at Cape Lazo then went to the aeradio side of the house, spending time at Fort Nelson.    His daughter-in-law contacted me in August/14 and offered some of his Room 19 photos.
Hugh held Walter Lambert, the head instructor, in high regard as did many of the graduates, even to the point of keeping this photo of Mr. Lambert on his garage wall.
October 23, 1971 Room 19 reunion.
   This a 4.5 meg file and, depending upon connection speed, may take a few moments to open up. Left it this way so the photo can be expanded for a clearer look at the faces.
   Hugh Martin is marked on the left hand stairs. I did spot Ray Burge and Dick Lobb.  Lambert himself had been dead for almost 20 years.
   In the summer of 1940 the class was photographed at Walter Lambert's house in North Vancouver.
   The names are noted in an image below.
   Back yard scene of the 1940 event.
   Names are noted in the next image.
Attendee's names for both photos, so far as I can make 'em out.
   First Photo:
   First Row: Desmond Barter, Stanley Dear, Bob Kendrick.
   Second Row: Ted Hodginson, Dick Snape, Martin Goodwin, Doug MacKenzie.
   Third Row: Dennis Withers, Ed Griffith, Warren Johnson, Warren Woodruff, Ken Maynard.

   Second Photo:
   Left to Right; Merril Hughes, Ken Maynard, Lorne Bice, Ed Grifith, Dick Snape, Ken Hyham, Doug Mackenzie,    McLauclan, John Schoberg, Martin Goodwin, Stanley Dear?, Myself, Warren Johnston, John Watson, Warren Woodrugg, Bob Kendrick.
Hugh's letter of reccommendation from Room 19's Walter Lambert.



Hugh Martin

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