Perhaps the start of magnetometer surveying?

Daily Colonist

   The Colonist newspaper recorded significant events regarding the wireless system along the coast. I've typed up the paper's items and put them into Adobe's PDF format for easier reading. This information was copied from reading microfilm media or from the online website

   Below is a year by year listing of some of the events. Download the whole set of 1904-20 wireless related clippings here.

Before 1904
Bits and pieces from the turn of the century regarding wireless, culled from various years and newspapers.

July 7--Agitation by local seafarers for wireless stations to be fitted along the coast.

Nothing yet.

May 8--De Forest Wireless company representative in town extolling their plans for B. C. station installations.
May 9--Pacific Wireless company representative replies that we are already here and have been in operation for a year!

May 30--Nanaimo Member of Parliament outlining plans for west coast life saving facilities.
June 2--Rates for wireless messages sent to Pacific Coast Steam Ship vessels.
July 13--Open letter from Canadian Marconi complaining about how they are being dealt with.
July 20 & 27--Two reports concerning the SS Maude and her trip up to Estevan Point to unload men and material for station construction.
July 24--Pacific Coast Steamship company's plans to fit all their vessels with wireless.
Aug 01--Steamer Maude heading up the west coast with more station supplies.
Sept 20--Steamer Maude taking more supplies to Pachena--big push before fall weather.
Nov 24--The five first stations to be operational in December 1907.
Nov 30--E. J. Haughton put in charge of wireless stations along the coast.
Dec 22--Pachena Wireless heard off San Francisco.
Dec 27--Pachena not reaching into Victoria.
Dec 27--Pachena Wireless station tweaked and now heard in Victoria.

Jan 04--Someone is puzzled over the fact that the Pachena wireless station can work 'Frisco easier than the much closer Victoria.
Jan 05--Are Hertzian waves are harmful?
Jun 12--Proposed third order light for Triangle Island.
July 04--Marconi expert and his installation experiences.
July 11--Sunday supplement spread on Triangle Island.
July 18--United Wireless Company may operate west coast stations.
July 21--United Wireless Makes an offer.
July 24--Report on wireless usage on the BC coast.
Aug 02--Rough plan to connect the British Empire by wireless and the costs involved.

Mar 06--Federal regulations promulgated regarding the fitting of wireless to Canadian ships.
Mar 17--Perhaps the first commercial use of a local American wireless station on the west coast to change the sailing orders of an out bound square rigger. Much money and time saved as a result.
Apr 15--Marine officials do an inspection of the B.C. coastal installations.
June 14--Triangle Island light and wireless station update.
July 04--Marconi representative tells of installations on the C.P.R. vessels.
July 11--Triangle Island to be the premier station on the coast.
July 24--New Dominion wireless super, C.P.Edwards, makes a first visit.
Aug 08--Stations to be built.
Aug 08--Cow shooting incident at Estevan.
Sept 12--Talking By Wireless & Marconi giving views on ship's fitting.
Sept 12--Compulsory to be fitted with Wireless.
Sept 15--SS Quadra taking Ikeda's equipment in.
Sept 16--Wireless stations to accept commercial business.
Oct 12--Skeleton found on Triangle Island.
Nov 11--Amateur operators causing interference.

March 23--C.P. Edwards arrives back in Victoria after commissioning Digby Island Wireless (Prince Rupert).
May 10--Lee De Forest in town to demonstrate radio telephone.
May 21--5 kWatt set being fitted to SS Prince Rupert.
June 15--Message charges are finalized.
July 12--Notice to Mariners concerning the establishment of Triangle Island Lightstation.

Dec 07--Life saving plans for the west coast of Vancouver Island.
Dec 09--Tender going out for construction of second operator accommodation at stations.
Dec 12--Plans to increase transmit power at Estevan to ensure trans-Pacific communication. Amazing message handling numbers!
Dec 22 & 24--Accounts of operator Hillier's eye accident at Pachena.

Feb 25--Long article on the west coast system.
Aug 1--Alert Bay station construction coming along well.

Jan 10--Ten wireless stations now open.
Aug 15--Station inspection tour.
Sept 23--Small centers considering their own stations.
Sept 27--Message handling volumes sharply increasing.
Oct 11--More west coast expansion under consideration.
Oct 19--UK considering amateur station licensing.

Feb 2--Safety of Life at Sea Convention regarding fitting all vessels with wireless.
Mar 22--Quenched spark (Telefunken) system.
May 7--Station for Cape St. James?
Aug 19--First whiff of war-time measures.

Aug 8--Army guards placed at Pachena and Bamfield.

Dec 7--Coastal stations avert SS Neil Nielson disaster.

Wireless Workshop in Esquimalt opens this year.
Oct 7--Dissension in the operator ranks.
Oct 28--Local commercial training of operators.

Nov 14--Big storm hits Triangle (again).
Oct 31--Naval Patrol Ship 'Galiano' is missing.

May 14--Amateur restrictions lifted.
May 14--Local flight of a wireless equipped aircraft.
Oct 31--Some musings by E.Haughton, district superintendent.

Jan 20--Amateur night at the Radio Club.
March 27--Demonstration of radio telephone.
May 18--Vacuum tube demonstrated.
Sept. 19--Triangle to be dismantled.
Oct. 19--Ikeda discontinued.
Nov. 26--Bull Harbor site selected.

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