Unwin, Art   Unwin was a radio operator at Estevan from 1929 to 1934. He had a wife Ada (d.1988 at 85 yrs.) and children Joyce, Gloria & Ernest. Art also did duty at Pachena Point Wireless, most likely before turning up at Estevan Point. They eventually moved out to Victoria, BC. Aitkens diary notes they were at Estevan in 1931. (d. 1980 at 81 y/o)
Vallance, Glen    Glen was hired in October 1938 to replace Phil Eldrige at Estevan. Glen also worked as a technician at Vancouver radio in the 1960's. When he retired in 1971 he was then in charge the operators and electronic technicians supporting the coast stations and vessel electronics on Vancouver Island. (d. 2007)
Vint, Jim   Jim operated at Cape St. James during WW2. Afterwards he was at Prince Rupert and Dead Tree. (d.2016)


Wakeling, G.P.   Operator at Bull Harbor in the 1924 period.
Ward, Carl   Carl was an operator at Alert Bay Wireless in the late 1920's. For many years Ward was the OIC at Bull Harbor Radio and is mentioned in The Colonist 1939/10/15. He was succeeded by Gord Gilliland.
Ward, Douglas   He was at Alert Bay Wireless in the 1910-20 period with Bowerman. In the early summer of 1914 Ward was transferred to Digby Island. On Triangle in 1916 for some 11 months. Meiss reports Ward was on duty at Triangle the night the phone rang from a wrecked sailor on the beach. After World War One he moved to California.  Syd Elliot remembers  Doug Ward as "a bit of an odd ball.  Ward had been in Tibet and northern India, spoke Tamil, Urdu, and Hindustani, but precious little else about his past. "

- 1 letter from to E.J. Haughton Dist. Supt., BC Radiotelegraph Service, Victoria to Commanding Officer H.M.C.S. "Rainbow", Esquimalt dated July 19th 1917 asking if Douglas Ward, late W/T operator, turned in his uniform to the stores.


Ward, J.   Operator at Estevan in the 1913-15 period.
Ward, Victor H.   He is listed in a City directory as being at Cape Lazo during 1914-15. 4th operator at Alert Bay in 1916. Colonist Feb 4, 1917 item says he is 22 years of age and was an operator on the coast for a number of years, and at that time in HMCS Hochelaga.


Watkins, Tom   Appears in a Lofty Harris Sept. 1914 photo taken at Triangle Island. He was the lightkeeper after Davis.  He made $1106.25 in 1917.
Watkins, Walter   Watkins appears in a Lofty Harris photo dated September 1915 at Triangle Island 1915. He could be lightkeeper Tom Watkins' son.
Wheeler, Al   Operator at Alert Bay for a few months when Art Healey was OIC of the station.
Westhead, Thos.   Operator at Pachena in 1930.
Whiteside, Alec F. (Paddy)   Started his career (Vancouver World) with the Belfast Post Office and at the end of the Boer War joined the South African Telegraph Service. He later joined the Canadian Marconi Company and in 1909 transferred from the Canadian Pacific Railroad to the Canadian Government Service. He was last on the Empress of India.  (In those days the Marconi Companies supplied not only the equipment but the operator as well, all for one low monthly payment.)  Went to the Ikeda station in January 1910 as OIC, receiving a salary of $85 per month. April 14/11 reports he has been transferred to Gonzales from Dead Tree and Walter Howard is his replacement. He appears as the OIC at Victoria during the 1911-13 period. Passage from Ikeda to Skidegate was $20 (a bit less than a weeks pay) in those days. Federal accounts paid him $85/month for 12 months ending in March 1912 while at Dead Tree. Whiteside, along with operator Dundas, was the first operator at Ikeda Wireless Station in 1910. Ikeda opened in January 1910. In April 15, 1913 he officiated, as the telegrapher, at the opening of the direct landline from Victoria to London. He joined the armed forces during World War 1 and in March 1916 Captain Whiteside was killed in action.
Whiteside, Jim   Operator at undetermined stations, then Officer in Charge at Bull Harbor sometime shortly after 1953.
Williams, Bob   May have been an operator at Alert Bay in the 1945-55 period.
Willoughby, R.W.  Operator at Merchant's Exchange for "some time" before taking that post on the Empress of Australia in May 1925.
Willoughby, R.W. Operator at the Merchants exchange for "some time", then shifting to the Empress of Australia in May 1925.
Willowby, Col.   Head of the 1930's British Columbia Marine Department. His responsibilities included the maintenance and staffing of the lighthouses and other marine navigational aids along the B.C. coast.
Wilson, T.R. (Bob?)   Larry Reid's book has him listed on November 05/1923 as an operator. (Aitkens 1930's Estevan diary notes a Bob Wilson without any occupation noted.) In 1924 and 1926 a T. Wilson is listed as a mechanic at Estevan Point. Married with a son born in 1925.
Wolfe, H. (Bud)   He was an operator at the Estevan Point Wireless station when Bowerman arrived there as the OIC in 1923. Still at Estevan in 1924 and by 1926 he was the Officer in Charge. In 1927 and 1928 he was also doing the Post Master duties for Estevan. Mentioned in Larry Reid's book.
Wood, Keith   Operator at Estevan in the months before the relocation of the station to Tofino Airport in 1958.
Woods, Sid   Woods was an early operator at the Pachena DF Station. Sid is mentioned in a July 14, 1939 news item accompanying Bowerman, Stevenson, and Lowe on an inspection trip to the northern stations. In the decade before retirement Sid worked at the Ship Electronics Workshop on Harbor Road in Victoria. Sid retired in the early 1970's. 1932 amateur call sign VE5BM

Woodman, William Reginald   Operator at Digby in 1947.  Drowned at 28 years in April of that year when he fell out of a skiff.  Stave Mellor, the station OIC, and Tommy Fraser went looking for him and found him in Dodge Cove.


Zimmerman, Z. A.   Victoria Times August 31, 1909 notes Zimmerman and Pike are busy installing the new wireless on board the C. P. R. Steamship "Royal" in Victoria, BC. They both worked for the United Wireless Company.


Unknown, Jock   Jock was an operator at Alert Bay in the 1949-55 period. Had a boat.